Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On lock-ins and such

Friday night we had a lock in at the church where Steven is employed.  We went there expecting ten to 15 kids and ended up with 25!  We were also surprised when we got there to find TONS of baked goodies from the ladies in the church.  The night was filled with lots of games and marshmallow roasting and adventures.  Every one was on their best behavior and only two people went to sleep!...none of them being my children, of course!

Little d slept from about 11 p.m. to 3 a.m. but after that, she was ready to go again.  Big D and Middle d were up until 6 a.m.!  After Big D woke up she said "Mommy, I just had to go to sleep.  It was either that or throw the dice at someone instead of the table."  HA!  I think she was tired!  Both of them put themselves to bed though, I had nothing to do with it.

Through the night, Middle d consumed six (that I counted) cupcakes!  When we have special things like that, I let them eat as much of and anything they want to because in the real world, at home, we do not encourage unhealthy eating.  Poor Middle d would be one of those obese kids rolling around if I let him eat like that all of the time.  He is a junk food junkie!...or at least he wants to be.  Big D is very different.  She doesn't like anything carbonated.  She prefers water to sweet tea or Kool aid.  And she will choose an apple or an orange over cupcakes ANY day!  I wish I had her self control!  Little d is a chip eater.  Chips and coke are her favorite.  Yes, I said coke.  I occasionally give her coke...in her sippy cup...and she chugs it like she's never had before!  But like I said, they are only allowed things like this on special occasions.

Around 10:30, we split into two groups and headed out on a scavenger hunt.  I can't remember everything we had to do but we had to do some pretty "embarrassing" things.  Some of them were nearly impossible!  Have you ever tried to take a photo of 12 kids jumping in the air?!?  And, the rules were very specific, EVERYONE had to be in the air!  This would have been easier during the day, trust me.  We also had to sing to the cashier at a convience store.  We chose "Jesus loves me".  Poor lady, I'm sure she thought we had lost it!

We had to improvise a little on some.  Like take a picture with the most bearded people.  Um, yeah, try asking a bunch of strangers with beards to huddle up together and take a picture.  They were like "Whatever, psycho!"

Everyone hanging upside down from monkey bars was a pretty difficult task.  We couldn't find monkey bars and had to settle for a jungle gym.  Once again, not as easy as you would think...

Posing as mannequins in wal-mart for five minutes was fun!

Cramming 12 kids into a cardboard box proved to be a bit difficult!

So did stacking 12 teenagers into a semi organized pyramid when it was like under thirty degrees.  It was harder than one might think it would be!  But we did it!

Oh, I learned something that night!  Pecan trees really do exist where we live!  We brought back the winning pecan to prove it!

We had a blast Friday night (all night)!  But, staying up all night isn't my favorite thing to do.  I'm too old for that lol!

Happy Tuesday Everyone!!!

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