Saturday, January 8, 2011

with her

 My girl and I ventured out for a Friday picnic lunch at the park.

Our conversation in the car was more than hilarious!  She explained to me how her name was Diamond Morris and Cinderellas name was Cinderella Washthedishes.  My oh my!  What a horrible last name she has!  Cinderella is her new favorite princess by the way!

 She recited a little skit that she thought of for Middle d. 
And I quote:
"Dominick does not like spankings."
"He does not like them with a belt."
"He does not like them with a hand."

"He does not like them with a house."
"Or in a box."
"Or with a fox."
"He does not like them anywhere!"
He does not like spankings, Mommy!

Thank you, for clarifying little d.  I'll keep that in mind!

So totally almost a silhouette!

Hello!  Pretty blue eyes!!!

 After reading the "nutrition" information on the french fry bags, we decided that the ducks could use a little extra cholesterol and calories.  They happily agreed!

She is just so much fun!

Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

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