Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Stream of consciousness

There are only 6 days of school left before my primary school girl becomes a third grader "elementary" school girl. Which means only three years until middle school.

Six days before my son who has only attended letter grades will become a first grader, a grade with actual numbers. Which means only three years until he is in "elementary" school.
And that my dearies brings me to the two year old. No, she will not be attending school for a while. But guess where she will be in three years? Kindergarten! Am I the only one who is sad here? I'm flippin out a little aren't I? Just say yes and we'll move on ;)

I will also be taking a spur of the moment trip to Florida Memorial Day weekend(cross your fingers) with one of my bestest friends. Her daughter is graduating from A school and it is her birthday. So we will be making our way down there to celebrate with her. I will only be taking little d with me. A simply fabulous friend and her husband from our church family donated some time, space, and parenting skills to make this happen. I am so grateful for "family" like this. One to take me to Florida and the other to watch the babes...*aah* Heavenly!

Steven will be taking the youth group to see an afi concert in Memphis on Memorial Day. Which is why I needed a...well I don't like to say baby sitter...but I'm not really sure what to call it...moving on...And yes, I did say AFI concert!

Big D and I decided that she will have a pink and green themed party! Yup. Were going with colors...and circles because she's turning eight! I've started planning a little er' alot! We haven't decided on an exact date for our Georgia trip yet so we don't know where we will be having the party. That is kind of annoying. It kind of puts a cramp in the planning.

I am super excited about summer! Oh the fun and many adventures that are awaiting myself and those precious D's! Cheer practice, a three week vacation to Georgia, cheer camp, and a family vacation!!! Did I mention cheer? I'm so excited for Big D! She is finally old enough to be a "real" cheerleader!!!

That's it! That's I've got right now! Happy Thursday Everyone!

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