Friday, May 21, 2010

Just me bragging

I went to Big D's award ceremony this morning. The invitation she was sent home with said that she would be receiving "an" award. I was very excited about "this" award. The first set of awards to be handed out was the National Physical Fitness award. Kind of expecting it, but not really expecting it...they called her name. And I half to admit that as proud of her as I was, I was a little disappointed. I really wanted her to receive an award for academics. Not that a Physical fitness isn't important! I just think academics are more important. By the way, to achieve this she had to run half a mile in four minutes along with sit ups and push ups. She and like 20 other kids won this! I'm quite impressed!

So I sat there the rest of the ceremony and watched as they handed out this award for that and so on. It got to the point where I wasn't even paying attention and then I heard it "Devan Morris" and oh how my heart smiled. I got all teary eyed as I watched my girl shyly walk up onto that stage to receive her certificate and look at me all proud of her little self.

I started paying attention after this. I'm kind of a bragger and maybe I shouldn't be. But, Before this ceremony started I talked to two moms who were sitting at the table in front of me. They were going on and on about how they had to force their children to read the required 10 minutes everyday. I smiled (and maybe I shouldn't have), turned and said "My daughter loves to read. She reads at least 30-45 minutes every day." Long story short, I felt really bad when my girl was called up for the third time for her AR trophy and neither of theirs were. That means that she was a top reader :) That means she read 360 or more books! I'm so proud of my girl! She's such a smarty...and she's all mine!

Happy Friday Everyone!


  1. I remember getting that award... :)
    -visitor D