Thursday, May 13, 2010

Moments with Middle D

Here are some of the things that my sweet little man has had to say the past couple of days. I'll start with a few lines of our Wednesday night closing prayer. It went a little something like this

"Jehovah. Thank you for the food that we just ate. Thank you for everything you give us. Thank you for the cars and the churches and for the food that we eat. And for the people that come to church and please be with the ones that don't come to church. In Christ's (Chwrist) name we pray. Amen."

Here are some of my favorites. Ones that make me smile.

"Mommy. I can hula hoop really fast around my neck. But that's all."

"Mommy. Bones aren't tied together! They just fit together like Lego's. So if you didn't have skin. They would still be there. Wouldn't it be cool to just be walking around in just bones?!?"

That's all I've got. Happy Thursday everyone :)

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