Thursday, May 6, 2010

stream of consciousness

Little d currently has a fever of 102.1. She does not have any snotty drainage or any symptoms of being sick besides the fever and complaining of her legs hurting! That bothers me. I like for fevers to be accompanied with other symptoms. Does that make me weird?

Middle d is currently grounded for repeatedly being told to clean his room and instead of cleaning it, he crammed more and more stuff into his toy box and any other area that might harbor a broken toy or dirty laundry. He is grounded from life until he is seven....or until I cool off a little more. It took me a good two hours to undo his "cleaning". I wouldn't be so upset had I not done this just two months ago.

Big D is currently beautiful and well behaved. That makes me happy.

Edge fest is Saturday. I'm almost excited about it. I haven't ever been to a concert before. And I'm a little nervous about it being an all day event three hours away from home and the day before Sunday. Mothers day.

Speaking of Mothers day. I still haven't mailed off cards and gifts to the two (wonderful and patient) mothers that I am blessed with (sorry moms but it's prolly gonna be Monday or Tuesday before you receive your gifts).

Oh yeah, I bought a treadmill about two weeks ago. I've been walking/running three to five miles a day with no results. That's discouraging. I'm loosing my motivation to climb on that thing and do anything. Whats the point?!?

That's about it. That's my stream of consciousness. What's on your mind?

And the pics? They have nothing to do with with my s.o.c. There just pretty ;)

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