Saturday, May 21, 2011


As I  sit here and write this post I can't help but be completely distracted by my surroundings.  There's an empty rockstar can, a dirty cereal bowl, two dirty spoons, a baking pan (that in my own defense 1.  doesn't belong to me and 2.  is clean), a thermometer, two sets of nail clippers, school pictures, a wisk (not mine either), and some dying mother's day plants.

Um, I'm in the living room.

I look to my left and notice the end table beside the couch.  Hello bottle of Listerine...?  Why are you on my end table?!  And how bout you there, bottle of excedrin?!  What?!  More dirty dishes?!

Should I be cleaning?  Probably.  Will I clean it tonight?  Probably not.

This Mama has been sick since Thursday morning, and our house is starting to show it.

I wanted to sit and write a post about Middle D's "Moosical".  I wanted to tell you how fablously wonderful it was and how he spoke so clearly and didn't put his mouth on the microphone when it was his turn to speak.  I wanted to tell you how good he looked in the color that I refused to buy for him because I thought it looked horrible on him (sorry MD). 

I wanted to tell you how laughed myself to tears lisnening to these singing chickens, pigs, and gourmet goats.  I wanted to tell you how I was so glad I decided to bundle up and take my sickness out into the rest of the world just because I was afraid I would miss something really special if I stayed home.  I wanted to tell you how I have no regrets what-so-ever about possibly spreading my germs, because my son was a rock star and was the cutest singing pig that I've ever seen.

I also wanted to tell you that these so called "pigs" were obsessive compulsive cleaning pigs, and they got their feelings hurt when someone called their home a pig sty!  That was MD's line.  He said it so sad and gloomy, like his feelings really were hurt.

I know, I know.  These chickens have nothing to do with my son, but aren't they the cutest chickens you've ever saw?!  Just sayin'.

That brings me to right now.  My house is a pig sty.  Where is that obsessive compulsive, sweeping, mopping, dusting, dish washing pig when I need him?!....Nah, not really.  But I am too distracted and medicated to write a post about my son's "Moosical"....or anything but my dirty house for that matter.

I'm pretty sure my fever is breaking as I am currently sweating like crazy!...and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna puke any minute now.  So on that note, I'm out!


Happy Sunday, Everyone!...I think.


  1. Poor thing! I hope your fever is breaking and that you will feel better soon! Love the pictures. Don't worry too much about the house. You'll get it right sooner or later, but it's not the most important thing. :)

  2. Thank you, Kristen. I will be so happy when I start feeling better.