Friday, May 13, 2011

A Deanna Update

I wrote about the horrific event that happened on May 7, 2011 HERE.  If you are running a little behind and aren't familiar with Deanna's story, be sure to click on the link above and catch up!

Less than one week ago, our precious Deanna was in critical condition.  We wanted to believe that she was going to make it.  Actually, we did believe she was going to make it, but we were worried about how much of her brain would make it.

Yesterday, "in critical condition" version of Deanna woke up!  While she was still on a ventilator, she started communicating with her mother using sign language.  The first things she signed were "Navy" and "June 15th".  In case you didn't know, that is the day she is supposed to go to basic training.

A little while later, I was allowed in the room to witness this miracle.  I watched her "sign argue" with her mother.  I watched her feisty personality wake up!  She signed "no dress" and "t-shirt".  (In the previous weeks, Deanna had been back and forth about what she was wearing to graduation.)...Needless to say, her Mama found her a t-shirt to wear to her graduation.  Just a little while later, they turned off and took out her ventilator!  This girl is recovering at a miraculous rate!

I also got the privilege of watching the most special high school graduation ever!  Deanna attended her graduation via skype.  One of her teachers hand delivered her diploma at the appropriate time and every one at the high school gymnasium and in the PICU at Arkansas Children's Hospital applauded.  Lots of tears were shed and congratulations were given.  As we were all celebrating and chatting with one another, Deanna gave herself a graduation present by pulling her own feeding tube out!  Silly girl!

Deanna looks like she's gonna have a 100% recovery! Thanks Everyone!  Thanks so much for the bazillions of prayers that went up on her behalf!  

God is certainly saying YES! YES! YES!

Happy, Happy Friday, Everyone!

PS:  Congratulations Deanna!....I guess we can add a few more names to your list of many!  Miracle, survivor, fighter...( :

(Deanna: Steven, Myself and all the D's love you more than you could ever possibly comprehend!...And if you ever pull a stunt like this one again, I WILL use your last name!)  LOL!


  1. Thank you God, for your hand of healing for this beautiful young lady. To God be all the glory, oh yeah and to Deanna for having such strong courage and faith in our Lord Jesus!!! She is truly a miracle!

  2. I'm so over joyed and grateful, that tears of joy, forse their way out, even though, I try to contain them. Deanna, as far as I'm concerned, welcome to my family, I have a new daughter!, and please find a nice quite, Safe carreer! LIKE HOW ABOUT A DOCTOR OR NURSE, WHO TOOK SUCH WONDERFUL CARE OF YOU, THANK YOU, ALL OF YOU, EACH AND EVERY HUMAN BEING, ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR RECOVERY, I HAVE NEW FOUND FAITH IN OUR HEAVENLY FATHER , JEHOVAH AND OUR SWEET CHRIST JESUS, AND ON HUMANITY.

  3. im glas everthing is going so well. Get Well Soon. God Bless

  4. I'm so glad she is doing so well! Things like this always remind me of how much prayer works!

  5. This is Kaylene, one of Deas Acornian friends. This whole experience has been a miracle. She had better never put us through this again. Also...the last picture is my absolute favorite picture of Deanna ever. After all of this I really needed a good laugh and this defiantly gave me one. I have a feeling that she would have made that same face at graduation even if all of this hadn't happened. I love you Deanna.

  6. I wasn't aware of Deanna's accident until Cindy shared this powerful story and also your blog with me last night. Kimberly, what you wrote about Deanna is so beautiful and heartfelt! Deanna is an AMAZING girl! I barely know her, and can't wait until I see her again so I can give her a hug and tell her how much I admire her! And hopefully get to know her better! I am so sorry for what Deanna and her family went through. I just can't imagine how hard that must have been! I absolutely love the story of her recovery and graduation! I am just so inspired by the Webster family's strong faith!! THANK YOU dear Lord for her recovery!!! What an awesome testimony of faith and the power of prayer! May the Lord continue to bless sweet Deanna and her family!!!