Monday, May 9, 2011

A few minutes with Middle d

Middle d lost ANOTHER tooth Monday night!  He's bringing a whole new meaning to the whole "toothless grin"  thing.  He's lost a total of six teeth.  Out of the six, he has managed to grow about one and a half of them back.  Poor guy, he can't open his mouth without sucking back the slobber that tries it's best to escape.

Anyway, we were waiting in the car riders line to pick up Big D the other day and we had the most interesting conversation.  It went something like this:

Me:  Whats the matter Md?

Md:  *long sigh*  I asked Sunshine (yes that's her real name) to be my girlfriend today and she said "Nooooo Waay!"  I think she thinks I'm gross.

I look in the rear view mirror to see my son sitting there wearing a blue and green striped shirt, khaki jeans, and glasses.  At first, I was like any mama.  I was just as offended as he was.  He was cute and dressed nice, why wouldn't she want to be his girlfriend (Lets completely forget the fact that they're seven here!)?  I smile at him while I think of something to say to comfort him.  He smiles back, goes to say something, and before he does, he sucks back that darn slobber that's desperately trying to escape.  That's when it hit me.

Me:  Well Md, how many teeth does Sunshine have missing?!

Md:  *thinks for a sec*  None, she already has her big teeth.

Me:  Silly, that's why she won't be your girlfriend.  A.  She thinks she's older and B. .....Well...Um...You're not

Md: Prince Charming?

Me:  *laughing*  Yes!  You're certainly a Prince!...But unfortunately, you're not the latest version of  "charming"!

Middle d has decided to wait until he has a more "permanent" situation going on with his teeth before asking her out again.

I mean, really, Who couldn't love this face?!  LOL!


Happy Monday, Everyone!

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  1. He is adorable. If I was 7 and I was sunshine I would have said yes. LOL Kids are too funny. God Bless.