Saturday, May 28, 2011

Encore, Encore!

I'm not an average parent when it comes to grades.  I don't reward my children for good grades.  They don't get a dollar for every "A" on their report card, they don't get twenty dollars for honor roll.  They get a "Good Job, kiddo and a pat on the back.  Well, I kind of reward them for good grades, I let them live (HA!)

I spank them for bad grades.  A bad grade in our house is less than 90%.  You may consider that too strict.  I consider it disciplined.  My children are privileged.  They have my unconditional love.  They don't "need" anything.  When they ask for something, they usually get it (as long as it's with in reason).  They are involved in every extra carricular activity they care to be involved in.

I ask very little in return - respect, clean rooms, and good grades.

She's very respectful, her room is kind of clean, and her grades are OUTSTANDING!  Steven and I went to her award ceremony expecting her to receive an award for Literature and possibly one for the zillion AR points that she accumulated during the year, but we didn't expect her to receive one in every single subject!

She received an excellence award (top ten in her grade) in math, science, literature, and social studies.  One for having Straight A's on her report card all year.  A good citizenship award.  A t-shirt for being in the 100 point club.  She also got a certificate and metal for being in the top ten with AR points in her grade.

I have never been more proud!

Steven and I decided that works as astounding as this SHOULD be rewarded.  We got her the Toy Story 3 Ken and Barbie that she has been wanting for a while and some cupcakes.  We had a little "Yay, Devan" party and movie night.

I think she felt as special as she is!

She already planning to read the Harry Potter series this summer, so she can rack up tons of points next year!  I just love her!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!


  1. Yea! Congratulations to Devon!

    I am a new reader on your blog and am loving it!

  2. Well she is really clever and deserved the gift!

    Well Done Devon!

  3. PAH - Thank you and welcome to my little blog. (:

    Maria, Could you send me a link to your blog? I followed you and then like the next day, you were just gone off my feed. I hope you're doing well!