Saturday, February 26, 2011

A day in my life as a 3D Mommy

Last year,  Big D and Middle d's team did not win a single soccer game.  As a matter of fact, their team barely scored a single point the whole season.

That said,

I wasn't sure how to start our conversation in the car, this morning.  I looked in the rear view mirror and saw  three worried sets of eyes staring into different directions.  They were silent.  Even chatty little d was...not chatty.  For a second I thought about ditching the 9 a.m. scheduled soccer games and high tailing it somewhere, anywhere to relieve the worry and fear on their little faces.  But instead, I started the conversation telling them that they were gonna be great, they were on a brand new team with lots of new players, that if they lost that it would still be ok, learn from your mistakes and do better the next game....just try your hardest and listen to what your coach says and you'll be fine...(blah blah blah...cheerleader-mommy-stuff-)

I tried to sound confident.  I tried to make them confident about themselves.  I think I succeeded....maybe.

When we got there, we found out that every ones uniforms came without the team sponsors name on it.  We were only given shin socks and shorts.  The pictures from today look a little like they're practicing, but they're not.  Trust me.

I think it was a combination of awesome teamwork and confidence that left our team UNDEFEATED today.  They won BOTH of their back-to-back games! 

Middle d completely blew me away with his mad goalie skillz!  He was quite a show he should've been!  The king of diving and catching he was!

Big D?  Psssh!  Unstoppable she was!  World's greatest eight year old defender ever!  Nothing got past her!  She kept a close on that eye on that ball and anytime it got near her side of the field, there she went!  BOOM!  back to the other side of the field!  She was rockin' that field for sure!  Oh, and she scored two goals!!!

And lets not forget little d.  OH MY GOODNESS!!!  Watching her "play soccer" made my entire year!  She was the only one out of the three year olds (there are 3) that cooperated.   She did not understand why players had to be switched out.  Coach would tell her to go and sit on the bench and she would sit in my lap and say "My turn!  It's my turn!"  Coach rotated players every 4 minutes, so it didn't take long for her to get back in the game (thankfully).  She is much smaller than most of the team.  There is only one little boy the same size as her but he is almost a year older, so much more mature.  She got left behind quite a bit, but she didn't care.  She followed the ball from one end of the field to the other sometimes watching the ball, sometimes just looking at me.  Every time a team member scored a goal she would throw her hands up in the air and cheer, "GO B-lah-eew"!!!  She would even do this when the other team scored!  She got to do all of the goal kicks, throw in's and kick offs because she was so little and the coaches new she had little to no chance of touching the ball again.  I don't think she noticed that she was smaller or slower....the only thing she was, was proud!  Her team didn't "win" but we didn't tell them either!  Little d is quite content thinking she won the game, so were just gonna leave it that way! 

Hey there, cutest little thing ever!

*Readers, if you have a three year old, do put them in soccer!  It's worth every penny!

After our victorious games we packed up and headed to Hot Springs for a little shopping!  This was such a fun and productive day!

Big D is calling me to help her give "names" all 50 bazillion of her petshops!....and Middle d is begging me to watch, The Mighty Ducks....and little d is right behind him with how to train your dragon...excuse me, Mommy hood is screaming my name!

Happy, Happy Saturday Everyone!!!

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