Tuesday, August 3, 2010

a bit too much

The past few days have been very extremely busy for us.

Saturday, a friend and I took a short trip to Little Rock to pick up a friend of ours that was in need.  Our short trip only took TWELVE hours.

Sunday, my friend, little d, and myself road tripped it to an undisclosed location in ... an undisclosed location, so that we could take our friend in need to a safe place.  This trip only took about ELEVEN hours.

Monday, Steven, myself, and twelve members of the youth group all piled in the church van and headed to the most magical place in Arkansas, Magic Springs.  Have I ever mentioned that place living up to it's name?  Well, it certainly does.  With temperatures reaching well over 100 degrees, Magic springs was the perfect place to be.

Seriously.  Who needs a real beach when they provide one for you?!  I remember closing my eyes and forgetting where I was!  I could hear children laughing, waves crashing, and smell banana boat sunblock.  It was beach baby.  Pure beach!...without the too hot sand anyway :)   ....We left at 9 a.m. and we got home at around 10 p.m.  A refreshing, exhausting, relaxing, extremely long day.

I didn't snap very many pictures cuz I took the wrong memory card and it was full :(

But here's a funny one.  See, at Magic Springs you can walk around with a pretty pink princess cape and still hold on to all of your masculinity :)  And that my dear, is magic ;)

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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