Thursday, August 19, 2010

school daze

School started back today : )  So first and foremost, let me introduce you to third grade version of Big D and first grade version of middle D.

Middle d also lost his first tooth this morning.  He asked me to check it.  I told him it was ready and asked him if he'd like me to pull it.  He hesitantly told me that I could try.  I pushed back one time and it just fell out : )  I think he's gonna be good at this first grade thing.  I mean look, he's loosing teeth on the first day!  He tried to take it to school with him so that he could show it off but I talked him out of it  with a quick "what are you gonna do if you loose it?  You won't get any money from the tooth fairy".  That was all it took and he left it at home safe and sound.

Oh, look, my very first on purpose silhouette!  This makes me happy!  I'm sure it has all kinds of errors...and power lines, but it's mine : )  and I love it : )

Here's one of just Big D.  It's not as neat but it's still pretty!

It isn't perfect...but it sure is fun!

Happy Thursday everyone!

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