Saturday, November 12, 2011


So, the school may or may not have sent out letters informing us that "story book character" day was in like "three weeks", three weeks ago.  And they may or may not have reminded me that "story book character" day was rapidly approaching like, oh I don't know, at least five times during the past three weeks.  Big D may or may not have reminded me the entire week before.  But like I said [may or may not].

The day before Story book character day {like twelve hours before}, I rushed and threw together a story book character that Big D approved of.  That girl is picky, but she was happy with  Fancy Nancy {goes to Paris, or something like that}.

It was quite simple.  I old school curled her hair and fixed it all frazzled just like Fancy Nancy.  She wore lots of jewelry, leggings, leg warmers {cut off tights}, and ruffly socks.  Oh, and a tutu.  We can't leave that one out. She totally rocked her, and won the contest in her class!...Too many Harry Potters, I guess.


Grandma may or may not have asked for a "Christmas wish list" from the kiddos a couple of weeks ago.  And she may or may not have specifically asked for it by last Tuesday.

I got that fabulous list to her on Friday night.  Partly because I'm awesome and mostly because I am super awesome at procrastinating.

I love taking them "wishing".  They stroll through the isles with their note books and their pencils and serious faces {because they're very serious}, and they write everything down that slightly interests them.  Little d strolls through the isles looking and pointing and saying "Mommy, I wish I had that!"  Hence, the name of this little game that we play.  We usually only play it during the holidays and birthdays. It takes forever, and even a little longer now because Middle d likes to write every. single. word. on the front of the box of the item he "wishes" he had, down.   He don't want Santa screwing up his Christmas, you know?!

It's really neat how much they love it.  They walk in that store with a note book and a pencil, and they leave with the exact same thing.  But their little minds,  hearts, and notebooks are filled with wild and excited dreams waking up to toys galore on Christmas morning.  It's a win-win situation.

Little d's Christmas is gonna be super easy this year.  She wished for many things, but they were all like, a dollar!  She wants a soccer koosh ball and a cheap little piggy bank the most.  They're at the very top of her wish list. ( :

Oh, and because Big D rarely ever says anything cute and clueless anymore, I'll close with a little something that she said.

"Pssh!  Mommy, aren't you glad you don't live in Washington?!"

...Yep, Big D, I sure am!

...And I feel sorry for all of those people who live in Washington!  Geesh!

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

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  1. haha! this post made me smile. :) great job on the outfit. ;D love it.