Thursday, November 17, 2011

Girls just wanna have fun!

T'was just the girls and myself a couple of days ago.  I had to pick Big D up a little early from school, she had another doctors appointment.  She just finished ten days of antibiotics only to go to the doctor and discover that it had absolutely no results.  She has a raging bladder infection.  Doctor F seems to think that she has an antibiotic resistant bug.  And if that were the case, that my dears would totally suck!  This little girl hardly ever gets sick but the past couple of months have been the complete and total opposite!  It seems as if she is constantly getting some sort of sickness that doctors can't figure out.  It's bizarre!

She has been dying to go to this new little bakery in town.  So off we went, just us girls!  After all, Girls just wanna have fun!  Right?!

The adorable little bakery certainly lived up to it's name.  Their cupcakes were absolutely "Delish"!

The girls hardly touched their cupcakes while we were there.  They were too entertained by the little table and all of it's little toys and puppets.  Big D certainly knows how to make ld laugh!  She had her rolling!

I'm glad that we got to spend good ole' quality time together.  I just wish the circumstances were different.

Pray for my little darling, please!  That is all.

Happy Saturday, Everyone!

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