Wednesday, November 9, 2011

I'll take Stream of conscousness for 1,000, Alex

I have such a strong urge to start up cheery, happy, Christmas music and the jolly festivities that come with it!

I don't think I've ever been more excited about fall or winter or cold.  Maybe it's because I've came to terms with winter.  I know it's going to be grey, bitter, and cold and there's nothing I can do to change that fact.  I'm not gonna' Grinch it out this year.  I'm ready.  Ready to face the bitter cold.  I've got my hoodies all out and waiting.  Actually, I'm wearing one.  I just wanna stand on the front porch and yell "Bring it, Winter!"...but I would look like a loony toon, so I'll just imagine that I'm doing it, instead.

I wrote out a list of things that I love, tonight.  It was super long and somewhat interesting.  Apparently, I've surrounded myself with things that I love.  Writing the list was very therapeutic.  It put me in a super-duper awesome mood.

Little d told Big D to "Stop acting like such a hooker!" yesterday!  LOL! {Big d wouldn't let little d in her room.}  I love her!

Middle d surprises me with his intelligence everyday.  He really has a great teacher!...and might just have a teeny tiny little crush on her. ( ;  He certainly aims to please, that's for sure.  He's a totally different kid than he was last year.  He's very mannerly and obedient. I have always loved him, but now I like him.  Like, I like him a whole big bunch! Like, if mothers were allowed to choose favorites, he would be at the top of my list!

I'm at a happy place in my life, right now.  Life doesn't feel like a grey dreary dream anymore, so I'm pretty sure I'm completely over my spell of PPD.  Three and a half years later,  I'm finally back at/to my happy place!  Happiness has led me to dieting.  I currently weigh 129.4 pounds.  I only have nine point four pounds to go.  It's good stuff, I tell you!

Little d's constipation problem is slightly better.  Her pediatrician wants her to have a pediatric colonoscopy.  When she told me that, it freaked me out, quite a bit.  I haven't heard of a three year old ever having a colonoscopy.  That sounds a bit drastic.  But her condition is pretty serious.  She is currently taking six teaspoons of pediatric laxatives per day and it is barely making a difference.  Please keep her in your prayers.

That's it.

Happy Wednesday, to you!


  1. I love you, Kimberly. And I really miss you, however I love hearing that your happy and doing well, but that wouldn't matter one bit, unless I knew it was truly true. And I know it is. Thank God, for happy trails, if indeed they lead us to his eternity. I for one know pretty well how much you have suffeed and been d put through trials and test. I am greatful to the almighty for these brighter days.e

  2. I'm sorry to hear about your little one. That must be such a pain, hope everything goes well with her. Great to hear that your ppd days are behind you...let the joys of life come pouring in!