Thursday, September 2, 2010

bye-bye crib

Steven and I finally decided that it was time to move little d to a big girl bed.  We have been extremely lucky and in all of her two and a half years, she has never climbed out of her crib.  She really isn't a climber at all come to think of it...

Anyway, we decided that we very well may be pushing our luck if we try and leave her in her crib until her third birthday (original move out date).  Someone gave us a set of bunk beds a long time ago.  So in the process of switching bedrooms (disastrous mess!) we took Big D's bed down and retired it along with the crib.

I was really unsure about little d and all of this change in one day.  She doesn't like change.  But she was happy to wave bye-bye to her crib and say hello to the big girl bed with her big sis : )  The first night she slept until about 5:00 am.  She woke up panicky and screaming but after a sip of water and a quick trip to the potty she was ready to crawl back into bed and drift back into a sleepy somber : )  The second night she happily crawled into bed at bedtime and slept the whole night through!  I'm excited!

Oh yeah!  More great news!  We haven't bought diapers in over two weeks!

Big D and "Mr. Kitty" (her very first friend)
Houston, I think we have a big girl : )

Little d and teddy bunny (T.B.) her very first friend

Little d and T.B. two and a half years later : )
Happy Thursday everyone!!!

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