Tuesday, September 7, 2010

It's bitter...not sweet...

There is something about sweet summer time that I love.  Well, let me rephrase that.

*clears throat*  There isn't anything about sweet summer time that I hate!  The hotter it is, the better I feel.  The hotter it is, the happier I am!  I'm having a hard time facing the end this year.  It has been such a marvelous, fun-filled, adventurous summer that I can't think about it ending without having a mental melt down.  Well, maybe a physical meltdown when no one is looking...

Don't get me wrong, Fall is beautiful.  But then everything is cold and dead...like bodies hanging out in the morgue : /

And lets not forget how expensive it is!  Our electricity bill is down by $250.00!  The crazy thing is that we don't even use electric to heat our house in the winter!  That point brings me to the gas bill!  We spent nearly $1,200.00 on gas alone last winter....uggh!  Depressing!

..........We wanna go swimming....again.......and again.....and again.....We don't wanna wait another nine months!

.......This post will have to be continued....I'm gonna go and have a meltdown about with some kiddos that feel the same way I do....

Happy lets pitch a fit cuz summerz ending Tuesday everyone : )

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