Wednesday, September 29, 2010

at the game with Middle d

md:  Mommy, Can I watch both teams run through the thingy?
me:  Sure md.  I don't see why not.

md:  What does "I don't see why not" mean?
me:  It means you can.  Their isn't any reason why you cant.

md:  Mommy, did the game start yet?
me:  Yes, md that's what the siren was for.

md:  Mommy, whats the score?
me:  MD, the game just started.  Right now it's 0-0.

md:  Mommy, can I have a drink of your drink?
me:  Sure.
md:  Can I have your drink?
md:  No, You can have I a drink.

md:  Mommy did we get a touch down?
me:  No md, we did not.
md:  The buzzer went off.
me:  That was a first down, not a touch down.

md:  Mommy, Why does Devan get to be a cheerleader?
md:  Because she wanted to be a cheerleader?
md:  Can I play football?
me:  Md, we already talked about this.  You have to be in third grade before you can play football.

Mind you, this was in the first three to five minutes during the game.

md:  Mommy?
me:  Dom, trade places with daddy (he was between the two of us)
md:  Why?
me:  So that I can talk to him

...just a few minutes later...

md:  Mommy?  Can I sit in your lap?
me:  Why md?
md:  I can't talk to you way over there.

Does it make me a bad parent because I said NO?!?

Happy Wednesday everyone :)

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