Friday, October 21, 2011


Big D had a social studies test to study for.  She brought her book home and started to read out loud.  I listened to her read and I could tell that she just wasn't feeling it.  I had been in the house for what seemed like forever so we took a little walk up a mountain and studied on the top.

Along the way, we decided that we were in an episode of LOST.  Our plane crashed and their were no other survivors. We had no idea where we were and we were determined to find out.  Middle D carried the "torch" and little d carried the "fire"  {IDK?}.

We walked and walked for a long period of time and took many, many breaks along the way.  At one point we stopped at what little d declared was "New York City"!  I totally agreed with her....

I'm sure New York City looked like this like five or six hundred years ago.  ( :

After we all agreed with little d that it was indeed New York City, we decided to climb to the top of the "Empire State Building" for some quiet study time.  We all sat in a circle and listened to Big D read about the Appalachian Mountains {my home}.  After she read, I gave everyone a little pop quiz and they all did very well!  little d even mentioned that Uncle Joey had a "mable querey at his house"  {She loves her Uncle Joey!}

Little d led the way, all the way, very slowly back to the car.  ( :

It was so nice to have such an adventurous, peaceful, and believe it or not, quiet time with my D's.

Life is GOOD.  God is GOOD!

Happy Friday, Everyone!...and Praise the Lord!

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  1. how fun! this looks like something my family would do. :) being homeshooled and living in the country, we were outside doing our schoolwork on many days. where we live, it is so quiet...