Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Story time

Once upon a time, in a far away land, there lived a little family.  That little family consisted of a Daddy, Mommy, and three little D's.  The little Mommy was proud of the milestones that her little D's made and so she filled each of their baby books up with stuff only a mother would care to know.  One day as the little Mommy was writing the latest milestone in the littlest of the D's, it occurred to her that she would soon run out of space and she might forget the  teeny tiny little things and phrases that her little D's would do/say, so she started a blog.

She started a blog to remind herself of things like the conversations that three year old little d would have while sitting among her team mates on the side lines.

Is it half time yet?  What's in that big lunch box?  I wish it was half time so we could open the big lunch box and eat!...Are you going to play today?  Why you just going to sit there?  I just wanna sit here, too...

...To remind herself of the Friday night football games that keep Middle D's dream of drumming in the marching band while wearing a football jersey, very much alive...

...To remind herself of the age that the eye rolling and little hints of attitude started surfacing with Big D...

... To remind herself of the bajillion soccer games she would sit, watch, and proudly cheer for her three very active D's...

M:  What kind of kick was that?!  BD:  I have no idea?!!

...To remember Big D's first game of scrabble and how she rocked it.  {even though Grandma totally whipped us!}

...To remember how Grandma and Papa drive thirteen hours just to spend a weekend with us.  And how Grandma is "the bestest bookreader ever!" ~ld

...And to remember each and every trip to story time at the library and also her first little friend that she just so happens to be friggin' crazy about. ( :

She started this blog to remember ALL of it.  But it seems that lately, she barely has time to live, let along take a minute to write it all down.

When did life get so busy?!

Anyway, she is currently locked in the tall, tall, tower of "Busy" and will probably be stuck there until Prince "Soccer season is over" rides up on his stallion and rescues her. It's sad that her blog is being so neglected but it's not because her life sucks...It's because she's living her happily ever after! ( :

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!


  1. I think this is one of your best posts ever! Love it, love it, Love It!

  2. This is so sweet! Great story for your kids now and later to look back on.