Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Florida is where I want to live.  I've always said that I wanted to live there when I grow up but I am  retracting my statement.  I want to grow up here.  I want to live here right now. 

Florida has a golden hour that lasts like four hours.

Florida gets a nice little rain shower every day.

Florida comes equipped with a ready to use ocean.

Florida homes naturally have pools.

Florida has palm trees.

Florida has sidewalks and un-hilly (yes, it's a word, cuz it's my blog and I said so!) roads.

Florida has a zoo with a "how many hours would it take a volture to eat you if it found you dead" scale!
One and 1/4 days to eat the kiddos if you were wondering ;)

Florida IS all that and a cherry tootsie pop!

I've tried and tried to talk Steven into quitting his job and moving here with me.  He won't budge.  He keeps bringing up things that I prefer not to think about while impulse begging him to move here with me.  He reminds me of our youth and of my friends that I've made, and all of the people from the congregation that we absolutely love and adore.  He also tells me that I'm unrealistic when I dream of  our little family of five, happily living on our little red and white polka dot quilt, safely tucked away, under the board walk at the beach.  What's so unrealistic about that?  The beach has restrooms and showers and sand and water.  What else does a girl need?!

Aah.  If only this great state made Stevens heart melt like putty.  *sigh* (Steven, are you reading this?!  Did you get the *sigh*?  Do you feel bad?! *wink wink*)  If only he wasn't so stubborn.  If only he would just put his wife first. (I'm only kidding...kind of)

Oh, and here's one for you.  Last Sunday, Vero's youth minister resigned!  He just quit!   Quit!  As in got up in the pull pit and read his letter of resignation and announced his last day (Steven, two weeks!  They need a replacement in two little tiny weeks!)!Was that just coincidence?!  I think not!  Sign from God?!  I think so!  What do y'all think?!   lol!

A girl can dream!  Right?!

Happy Wednesday, Everyone!!!

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