Friday, July 8, 2011

stream of consciousness-ish

Uggh!  Sometimes I want to blog and just don't know what to say.  I should have a lot to say because we are on our month long vacation.  And this is a really great vacation, because we just so happen to be in Florida, which just so happens to be the greatest state in the U.S.  We've been here for ten days.  I should have a lot to say.  I want to have a lot to say, but words are failing me...and it sucks.

Were having a great time here in Vero Beach.  We pretty much do the same thing everyday.  Wake up, hang out, swim, hang out, swim some more, and then sleep.

Maybe I'll tell y'all about our daily routine.  It's interesting (in real life) to say the least.

Wake up.  We (the D's and I) are always the last ones to roll out of bed in the mornings.  We usually get up at about 9 a.m.. It seems as if we all need about 10 hours of sleep to fully function, or maybe were just lazy.  Either way, were on vacation and that's totally acceptable!

Hang out.  Sometimes after breakfast, we get out of our jammies and into real clothes.  Most times, we get out of our jammies and into our swim suits.  The time between 9 a.m. and 12 p.m. seems to pass by the fastest.  We pretty much just sit around and....hang out.

Swim.  If it's not raining, were swimming.  The D's and Tristen spend hours upon hours living in their imaginary worlds.  Sometimes they're "water super heroes" and sometimes they're "sharks" or "sea horse super heroes".  They all play nicely together for the most part and sometimes they argue over hilarious things like "Devan wont be a baby shark and I already told her I was the dad!"  or "Dominick, you have to be the kid cuz you're missing teeth.".  They try to make me referee and sometimes I do and I sound completely ridiculous saying things like "Well, Dominick can be an old man shark cuz they have missing teeth, too!"  or "The beach ball is allowed to get wet."  "No, Tristen, you can't have the whole six feet water for your front yard, that's half of the pool!".  I always feel strange yet, satisfied after settling their little quarrels.

Eating dinner.  I'll admit it.  Were unhealthy eaters lately.  Tonight we had the healthiest meal since we arrived here.  And that's really sad because it was KFC chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and cake.  It's sad, but fun!

Sleep.  That's what my girls should be doing right now.  Instead, they are restlessly chatting and talking about random things.  Little d watched "Wapunzel" today.  She is still very disturbed by the mother that steals Rapunzel.  Big D is currently reassuring ld that she wont steal her.  I didn't think about the whole hair cutting episode today when I put the movie on for them today.  I guess we will just have to make sure the scissors are put away for the next couple of days.  It's really sweet to listen to their sweet little conversations.  Big D is such a good big sister.

Sleep has also been a hard thing for me to come by lately.  I miss my husband.  Point blank.

So, that's it.  There's a basic day in my life.  It's not the most interesting post, but it is a most interesting life.  I'm lovin' this vacation! 

Ooh!  I almost forgot.  We watched Atlantis take off for the last time today.  We ran outside right after it launched on TV to try and see it in the sky (cuz were only an hour from Coco beach) but it was way to cloudy.  We could hear it though, and that was awesome!  Were thinking about riding up there tomorrow to check out scene.  Who knows what we'll get into!

Happy Friday, Everyone!!!

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  1. Don't loose your patience with baby Tristan. He will remember this as the greatest time of his life, baby desrarves to be this happy, he has been deprived of our family all his life. And that is alot to be deprived of. Im so glad God allowed this time for all of you. If you've desired to stay another week. Make it a wonderful one. I love y'all,