Monday, March 14, 2011

Three years of bliss

little d,

Every day with you is a blessing.  Being able to stay at home with you is a blessing.

I love the way you come straight to me when you wake up in the morning.

I love the way your hair refuses to curl.

I love how you talk like you're a grown up.

I love how you say "ting-a-jiggy" when you don't know what to call something.

I love how you argue with people when they comment on you being "two" and you always correct them by saying "NO! I'm two and a half!

I love how the half always matters.

I love how you say that your birthday is "Mar-sh da twevv".

I love how you insist on Big D taking you to the bathroom.

I love your innocent soul.

I love that "Ti-nana" is your favorite princess.

I love how you still call your feet your "footies", and refer to your toes as "toey's", and your socks as "sockies".

I love how you insist on your soccer coach calling you "love buggie" instead of Diamond.

I love your admiration for "Mountain Dew" (said perfectly).  I love how you will do anything for a drink of mommie's Mountain Dew....anything!

I love how your neither Mommy's girl or Daddy's girl.  You favor us both the same.

I love how you ask me to read to you and you bring me at least 10 books...I love how we have to finish them all.

I love how you spelled the first four letters of your name today while I was writing it on your birthday cake.

I love how you play with princesses but insist on watching How to train your dragon, Toy Story, or Mega Mind.

I love how you look up to your big brother and think that for the most part, he's the coolest person you know.

I love the way you argue with your big sister as if you were same age and height as she is.

I love your big blue eyes.

I love how you look just like your Daddy.  I think little girls who favor their Daddy are extremely lucky.

I love the fact that you are mine, that you belong to me.  I am so blessed!

Thank you, my precious baby girl!  Thank you for three years of pure bliss!

I love you!

I.  LOVE.  YOU.  (Period)....everything about YOU.  : )


  1. She is absolutely adorable. I hope she had a great birthday. What a sweetie!

  2. So sweet. You're such a good mommy - your 3Ds are blessed children. :)

  3. Thank you, Kristen and Rebecca! Being a Mommy is a wonderful privilege! We are all so blessed! :)

  4. You made me cry. I love all those things too, and I love you Baby.