Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Since going to Disney World is a rare once in a life time treat for our family, I decided to elaborate a little bit and take Big D and myself to get our nails did.

I went with a normal plain ole boring french manicure while Big D chose a happier more Florida-ee color...

Nope, not the one she's holding in the picture.  Look closer...See that extremely bright neon orange?!  Yup that's what she chose.  Very appropriate if you ask me.  I'm kind of sad I didn't choose it now.

It's always nice to squeeze some one on one time with my big baby girl.  She's getting so big so fast!  It's hard to keep up.  I was looking through some pictures I took the other day saw a child I didn't recognize.  After examining the photo a little more, I was shocked to realize that it was Big D!  It scared me!  Even though it was only a split second that I didn't recognize her, it was there!  It happened!  When did she get so tall?!  When did her face change?  Was it overnight!?  It sure does feel like it.

(I'm putting her on "My list of things to do".  I'm going to spend more time with her.  I'm not saying I don't spend enough time with any of my kiddos.  But with the two bigger ones being in school for eight hours a day and then soccer practice for an hour and a half two days a week...I'm really missing out.  I have to come up with a plan to spend more time with my babies before their not babies anymore.)

Anyway, we thoroughly enjoyed our selves yesterday.  Much needed, that's for sure!

Happy Tuesday, Everyone!!!


  1. Oh no! Not the dreaded nail salon! And Nancy Williams no less!

  2. There isn't a better nail genius anywhere!