Wednesday, December 1, 2010

People all over the world, join hands

I read a blog about a week ago that had a list of things to do to get ready for Thanksgiving.  It had really clever crafts and such on it.  But I didn't use any of them because we were staying home for Thanksgiving and to be honest, I wasn't really thankful for that at the time.  Instead of doing fun crafts and getting the house decorated for Thanksgiving, we cleaned and hung out in our pajamas all day long watching movies and eating extremely unhealthy food while we did so.

Wednesday night before Thanksgiving, our Minister, Austin quoted something he had heard before.  And I quote "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"..."If it ain't broke, lets improve it!".  I'm pretty sure I've heard that saying tons of times before.  But I always thought it was as corny as it sounded, but this time it stuck somewhere up there in my busy mind and I pondered over it for the next couple of days.  I'll bet you're wondering what this has to do with me, my family, and Thanksgiving...

One of the crafts I read was to make a paper chain with all the things you were thankful for on and hang it up around your dinner table, or in the general area of where you were gonna eat Thanksgiving dinner.  I thought this was an awesome idea, but silly, procrastinating, depressed me didn't do it because Thanksgiving was gonna suck because we weren't going home to see family we weren't really "celebrating" Thanksgiving this year.

Note:  We were invited by one of our dear friends from church to come and celebrate with them.  Thanksgiving was wonderful...and Delicious!!!

On Thanksgiving night, Steven and I hired Babysitter D and had an all night long half the next day shopping spree!  I'm torn between favorite events of that evening.  If it had to be narrowed down, I'd say my top three would be.

  1. Waiting outside in the "Target line" at 3 a.m. in the morning trying to remember what we were actually there for!?
  2. The two hour nap in the car that was parked in the mall parking lot.
  3. The lady at bath and body telling us that we "weren't in line" after we had already stood there for forever and making us turn around and go to the back of the 4 mile long line.  When she turned me around my bag knocked over some fragile glass thingy and it shattering all over the floor and the look I gave her that said "It's Karma B***H get over it!"
  4. Eating "breakfast" at Long John Silvers!...Note to self:  Vinegar will make you as sick as a dog if you eat it for breakfast in mass quantities!  You probably shouldn't ever do that again!
...Back on track (kind of).

I felt a heavy urge to spend time with these kiddos that I'd been so glad to get away from missed so much.  I wanted to make the "thankful chain"  but we were past Thanksgiving and well into the season that we are oh so jolly about.  Christmas.  So, I took Ole' Austins borrowed saying and put it into use!  We made a love chain.  We cut out strips of construction paper and wrote things that we loved on them.  I told them that they could write anything on them.  As long as it was something they loved, they could write it.

Diamond's list included:  Monkeys, NOT spiders, eyeballs and little "goas" (girls).  She was more into the cutting thing than actually "writing" things.  This was the first time that she had ever used scissors and she literally went crazy!  She got this strange...almost psychotic look in her eyes.  First, she started making chomping noises.  Then, the chomping turned into growling.  At one point, she started just ripping the paper to shreds.  Eventually, I had to take the scissors from the scissor crazy little two year old because she held her finger up, looked at it, stuck it into the scissors and tried to cut her finger off!  I guess she was thinking a) it wouldn't hurt and b.) it would just magically grow back.  After she did that, we put ALL of the scissors up so that she can't find them!

Here are a few of the pics of the D's making the "love chain".  Enjoy!
See little d's face?!  Scissor crazy, I tell you!!!

This one was supposed to say "God" but he got a little bit carried away with O's!

She's loved him since the very first time she heard his edited slim shady song.
She looks like a thug :)  Maybe she's gonna be a rapper when she grows up!

post you took my scissors away so now I'm gonna pee all over mysef fit

He loves sunshine :) ...I love the fact that he loves sunshine :)

"song book"  just in case you couldn't figure it out

Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

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  1. i love your black friday experience! i wish my husband could go with me, but we have no one to take the kids. and that's funny about the LJS too.
    the grateful garland was a great idea- anytime is a good time to be grateful!