Monday, December 6, 2010


I've been getting her ready for this for two weeks now.

I've told her all about this jolly ole' guy in the bright red suit.

I've showed her pictures of him.

Still, every day she insisted that she would not be talking to this magical guy.  No matter how much candy and toys he had to offer.

It's sad, but I was really excited about getting this grand screaming howling picture of my kid in Santa's lap.  So excited, that I told her it was okay to be afraid and that she could cry if she wanted to.

Has anyone figured this out yet?

We went to Wal-mart where Santa was and as soon as she spotted this guy, she walked right up to him and crawled up in his lap, introduced herself and snuggled  up to him and planned to go nowhere for the next forever or so.  REALLY little d?!  The only time I'm okay with you pitching a huge picture while I'm trying to take you're picture?

When Santa actually PUT her down, she turned to walk away, but then a little light turned on somewhere up there, she became little d again, turned and in a louder tone said "Hey Santa!  Gimme my candy!"

That's my girl!

Happy Monday Everyone!

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  1. SOOO cute! sadly, I didn't have the extra $$ to do Santa pics this year... but they never turn out this cute anway! someone is always crying or mad or sad. lol.