Saturday, November 20, 2010


1.  We went on a misson trip to help the homeless in Little Rock.  This was a very eye opening experience for everyone.  I know  personally, that the way I view the homeless from now on will be soo much different.  Steven and I thought that taking the D's would be a good idea and it was.  They were very humbled.  We are going back to Rock next summer for a week to help repair homes and make them live able for the homeless.

 Look at this weekly schedule!  Look at Wednesday!  From 9-11 a.m. people can come in for HIV testing...could you imagine penciling that into your schedule?!  I know its kind of blurry but the clothes bus also comes every OTHER week on Wednesday.  It's hard to imagine.  But it's true.  People really do live on the streets.  People really do worry about their next meal.  Here in America, people are starving and dying from AIDS.  People really are dying because they're home less.  You wanna talk about eye opening...Look at that schedule...uggh!

2.  Big D won story book character day.  She was Miss Mary Mack.  She told me the day before so we didn't have time to plan but we obviously did okay.  It makes me happy :)

3.  Middle d needs glasses!  Turns out, the boy can read, just not close up...which is a pretty big problem specially when you're learning.  This is a good idea of what he looks like when he looks at himself close up in the mirror...yikes!  Blurry!  He cant focus.  Uggh! Sometimes I feel like a really bad parent 0.0

4.  Arkansas has a beautiful fall foliage.  I was really sad and missin' the beautiful foliage that Georgia has to offer every fall.  Turns out, Arkansas' is just a about a month later...

5.  Soccer season is over.  I'm actually glad!  Ha!  I'm sure that I'll be missing it really bad when the spring rolls around.  But for now, I'm good!

6.  The lowest grade on Big D's progress report is a 95!  Holla!

7.  Cheer parties and medals and stuff.

The Cheer or Football association threw a big shindig ( <= love that word) for all of the cheerleaders and football players grades 3-6.  This was our first year doing any of this cheer business so we were quite blown away by how big a deal these folks made out of it.  Their was pizza, prizes, clapping, cheering, and engraved medals!  Big D was reeeally excited!

8.  Little d thinks this "chicken" is awesome :)  I also think that "chicken" is awesome! hehehe...

9.  Middle D hasn't pulled a ticket in TWO WEEKS!!!  Holla X2!!!

10.  I guess the princess thing was just a passing phase.  Look out Buzz.  Woody has a brand new hat!

Happy past ten days or so everyone!!!!!!!!!!

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