Monday, November 8, 2010

whats been going on lately

I'm gonna start blogging regularly again soon.

Cheer is officially over! We only have two soccer games left and after that we are sport free until March of next year!  I think I'm really excited about that.  I think.  I really miss evenings at home with my babies.  They're growing up so fast and I kind of feel like I'm just watching it all happen  from the side lines...and really, I am. I had a talk with Big D the other day and she is pretty sure she doesn't want to be a cheerleader next year.  I really hope she doesn't.  Soccer is definitely our sport.  We don't want it to feel like a chore.  We want to enjoy it.  And with every single night of the week devoted to something, that was kind of how we were feeling.  We are also going to ask the soccer association to switch their teams next year.  We feel like they could be playing alot better if they were playing with different players.  We haven't won a single game this year and we barely won any last year.  Big D, middle D, and one other kid have been the only ones to score goals this year.   It looks as if some of the kids on that team are just there because their parents want them to be and not for the love of the sport and that sounds kind of weird coming from a soccer mom of an 8 year old and a 6 year old, but seriously, our kids are pouring everything they have into the game while others are just sitting, playing, and rolling around on the field.  We just feel like our kiddos would benefit from a brand new coach and brand new kiddos to play with.

Sorry for my little rant....sometimes, things just have to be said : /

Lets rewind real quick to the Monday before last, all the way back to Middle d's parent/teacher conference.  We met with his teacher for what was supposed to be a 15 minute conference and it lasted a little over an hour.  Really long story short his teacher is old and tired of dealing with six year olds so she pretty much has given up on my child I don't think he was ready for first grade.  He is six, so he is old enough.  But seriously, he's just not grasping the concept.  He is reading at a kindergarten level and his math scores are barely first grade.  Steven and work with him everyday after school "reinforcing" the same thing that he was supposed to learn on that day, and he doesn't have a clue where to begin.  We are literally reteaching him.  It's like home school after a whole day of public school.  I have considered having him moved to a different class room, but, I don't know.  I just don't think he's ready.  I think he'll be ready for first grade next year.  And that's okay.  I'm okay with that.

Big D's conference lasted all of fifteen minutes and it consisted of her teachers telling me what a smart and brilliant child I have and how wonderful she is....and so on and so forth.  She made honor roll (I already blogged about that though)...I am so proud of her. 

I want to hear those same words about my son.  He deserves it.  We deserve it.

Enough about that.  We'll move right along to the fun stuff :)

School Parties.  Need I say more?!  Really, those things are the highlight of the school year (my opinion).  I really loved how the two schools coordinated party times this year so that we could leave one kids party and go straight to the others.

Finally, Halloweekend.  Friday, the businesses down town had their trick or treating.  Steven and I weren't planning on going to this one since we were planning on trick or treating Sunday night.  But we made a last minute decision to take them and let them have a little extra fun.  So I dug random stuff out of our dress up box, threw the kids together and off we went.  We ended up in line behind a bunch of chain smokers and cut our trip around the square a little bit short. 

Saturday, the youth group and ourselves all piled into the church van and headed to Magic Screams.  It was Magic Springs all decked out in scary.  The d's were okay with everything until the sun went down and all of the scary clowns and creepy crawlies make their way out of hiding. 

We were walking toward the carousel to ride it and a creepy clown came out of no where and started chasing Big D threatening to eat her.  It literally scared all of the kids to death!  I was seriously ready to punch this guy his ugly, scary "it" face.  Seriously, Dude!  They're 8 and under!  Go scare some kids that wont be traumatized for the rest of their lives!  I don't think they will ever look a clowns the same.

this is what ld thought about Magic Screams :)

his first bubble :)

Halloween was full of fun and festive activities.  I made the girls' costumes this year (a first for me).  I didn't make middle d's because he wanted to be a transformer and he already had the costume (I bought it for like three bucks last year) so...transformer he was.  I decided that little d would be a cat cuz the kid crawls around meowing as much as she talks.  So why not, right?!  I guess Big D got jealous...or just liked little d's costume because she decided that she would like to be a cat too. So,  a hundred or so yards of tulle and ribbon later and....

Viola! Two kitties and a transformer!

I think that's it.  Were almost caught up :)  More to come later.  Happy Monday Everyone!

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