Thursday, July 1, 2010

My favorite D quotes of the week

Big D: Mommy, I know what I'm gonna be when I grow up!

me: A cow girl that works at sea world. Right?

Big D: Nope. I'm gonna be rich!

Me: Really? How?

Big D: I'm gonna take IT in college!

Me: Whats the matter Middle d?

MD: (worried) Mommy!? I'm BLIND on both sides of my head!

Me: (giggles)

Little d: (singing to the tune of Jesus loves me) Jesus loves me all day long...Why I sing this Jesus song?!

Little d: (singing) Twinkle twinkle little star how you wonder what you are. Uppabubba where so high like a diamond in the sky, like a devan in the sky, like a mommy in the sky, uppabubba where so high like a dodick in the sky, like a daddy in a sky...(she thinks everyone's name goes in there)

Little d: (praying) Tank you God. Tank you pood (food). Tank you devin dodick (dominick)...(yells) DODICK CLOSE YOUR EYES!...(calmly goes back to her prayer)Tank you mommy. Tank you mommy. (yells again)MOMMY DODICK NOT CLOSING HE'S EYES!...Tank you pood. AAAAAmen....(then informs me as if I didn't already know)Mommy, dodick not close his eyes...

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