Sunday, June 13, 2010

Super Saturday VBS

Saturday, we held our annual Super Saturday VBS! Our theme was Jungle Journey: Exploring the nature of God...

So we got all wild and crazy :) I was part of the decorating team (my favorite part of course). Unfortunately, I didn't see alot of went on in the classrooms so I can't really blog about that. I can blog about the decorations, food, and awesome fun time that the kiddos had though!

Okay, so I'll show you the decorations and then tell you about the food...cuz that was the coolest part of all :)

Pretty neat huh?

Now on to our lunch menu. It consisted of:

three different types of jungle sandwiches
ants on a log
dried ants
cheddar, sour cream, and salted beetle wings
snake eggs
water from the Nile
bug juice

And for dessert we had cake. Not just any cake though. Cake made with wild, Jungle-y love! The kiddos had three choices. Elephant cake, tiger cake and my personal favorite...
snake cake!

Steven had a really great time with the kids which I won't blog about because I'm sure he's excited to tell you all! So the nitty gritty details from the class rooms, games, and activities will be left to him!

And that my dearies leads me to today...Big D's birthday bash! Which I will tell you guys about tomorrow! Happy Sunday everyone!


  1. We are doing that same VBS! Ours is next week...still trying to get ready!

  2. This was really fun! It took alot of extra hands to get it all together! Good luck ;)