Monday, June 14, 2010

Devan the Gr8

Remember when you were little and someone handed you a sealed envelop with a big grin on their face and you got the same big grin on your face because it wasn't your birthday and it wasn't a holiday, and the only other thing it could be was an invitation to a birthday party. Not just any birthday party. But a party that some mama meticulously planned out down to the invitations?

I remember! And as I watched my girl hand her pink enveloped flamingo invitations out to her hand picked little friends my heart smiled :) because they were feeling that too!

Yesterday, we celebrated Big D's 8th birthday! Her birthday isn't till the 20th but we celebrated early because her day falls on Fathers day and the Saturday before that was already "booked".

Big D and I started planning this party a month or so ago. I was so excited when she chose to have another luau! We did this last year and I kept most of the decorations. I was even more excited yesterday when she said that she would like to do it again next year! I just love her! She makes life and party planning easy!...well, as easy as possible anyway.

Have I ever mentioned that I love birthday parties? Who doesn't really? It's a joyous occasion where some one's birth is recognized. A time when gifts are given and massive amounts of cake and ice cream are eaten (strawberry cake and ice cream). And balloons! Heavens! I almost forgot about balloons! Helium filled balloon's! Massive amounts of balloons all racing to reach the ceiling!

Wow, I think I just described her birthday party in a nut shell!...

...Well, not completely, I left out the part where we played games and spilled drinks, and laughed alot (and I cried a little)!

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, I'm not posting her big ole cheezy "Devan, my how time has flown by!" speech yet, cuz I'm saving it for her actual birthday!

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