Saturday, June 5, 2010

The River

Sometimes I just sit here after I title my blog and watch the little blinker thingy, blink. Sometimes it's hard to describe "life". It's hard to write out pure awesomeness...

Sorry, that was just a random thought I suppose...

We went to the river today. I was really excited about this at first. And then Steven informed me that I could not bring my camera because I would drop it in the water...and we cant afford to just throw away $700.00! I took as many pictures as I could only to get home and none of them really turn out :( I had to leave it in the car for the fun part. We walked down stream through freezing water and super slippery rocks, sliding down little waterfalls, and climbing banks to arrive at a calm pool of water. We were happily greeted by other parents carrying their "too afraid to walk" toddlers. Poor Steven carried little d the whole way. I really wish I could've taken my camera. I could've got some really cool shots!

Ah! Oh well, another day I suppose.

Long story short, We had an awesome time. I love my d's (including daddy)!

By the way, Little d and I decided that craw fish were scary and disgusting! And, we want nothing to do with those ugly mini lobsters! Yuck!

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