Monday, September 23, 2013

Stream of consciousness

 Sometimes, this little thing gives me this look ^^^ and I'm like 
"Oh, My Goodness! I gave birth to my freakin' Mother!!!"
It freaks me out.
Every. Time.
And when this little thing smiles, I totally forgive her for all of the hours that she plays the crying game...and also playing the lets-see-how-many-hours-I-can-stay-up mid night marathon game she thoroughly enjoys playing.  Often.
Also, I forgive her for looking just like my mother, at times. {Ha!}

Steven is taking sign language in school...We're all taking sign language.
At home.

Diamond is living up to the whole "blonde" stereotype.  We went to her parent teacher conference today and her teacher shared a little sliver of a conversation that she and Diamond had the other day.  She said to Diamond,  "Diamond, I want you to write all of the words you know." 
Diamond proudly wrote the word "NO" and that is all. (:
The boy almost had a panic attack when he saw that his science grade was a 90.  He was so ashamed.  Maybe we're too hard on that little dude.  Nah, we must be doing something right, if that is his lowest grade.  Also, I realized {just now} that I didn't have recent pictures of him by himself, so I went to take one but that is as close as I got.  I know he's in a house full of girls but he's a fantastic big brother and Dani loves him. 
She also loves to yell at him.
She's very quick to anger. 
We're still working on that one.
I was going to talk about my PPD in this post, but I will save that for another day.  This post is too happy to drag in a little black rain cloud...actually it would be a storm.  Maybe tomorrow.
Bouncing right back to happy
This girl likes to work out.
Mostly at night.
Like 2 a.m.
I wish I was as dedicated as she was.
She tries really hard to motivate me but I've just never been a fan of 2 a.m. workouts.
Well, she's yelling at the boy, so I'm calling it quits for tonight.
Happy Monday, Friends!