Tuesday, April 23, 2013

I'll have my cake and olives too!

So, I was sitting on the couch last night, at like 10:30, eating scrumptious lemon cake and debating weather or not to go to the fridge and get some green olives to eat in between bites of cake.  I decided that that would probably just give me terrible heartburn seeing as I how I intended to finish my cake and go straight to bed, so exercising self control, I didn't eat the olives.  The very second I finished that thought, a terrible sadness washed over me.  What the hell was I doing eating cake at 10:30?  Didn't I know that that was of absolutely no nutritional value and that it was just going to make me fatter and fatter is unhappier???  So I went to bed sad...and full of cake, that was delicious.

Like 10 minutes later, as I was laying in bed finishing up my prayer journal, it hit me.  Just like that, a blissful moment of love smacked me in the face.

Dude, I'm pregnant!  Pregnancy, most of the time, leads to an infant and infants are precious, adorable,  and quite fabulous!  Were going to have a baby and that's freakin' awesome!!!

I woke up early this morning.  I felt ravenous so like the first thing I did was stick a slim fast in the freezer {cuz I like them all slushy}.  My self control wouldn't let me wait any longer so I fixed my self a snack to have while I waited for my shake to freeze.

Olives.  Y'all, I ate like a cup of olives for breakfast!  I totally would've eaten more, but sadly, I finished off the jar.  Ooh, and I also had two flintstone vitamins, because, we all know how well vitamins taste with green olives.  Yeah.

After "breakfast" I got dressed in some garb and ventured outside and mowed the lawn.  We don't have the luxury of a riding lawn mower, not even a self propelled lawn mower.  So here I am seven months pregnant, sweating like a pregnant chick, feeling pretty gross and tired and generally cursing Steven for having a severe grass allergy, when some guy in a pick up drives by and literally stops right in front of our house and just stares.  Like, a whole minute passes by before I finally {y'all, please remember that I'm a semi-crazy pregnant chick} yell to him "Well, are you going to mow this grass for me or are you just going to stare cuz dude, you're starting to freak me out?!".  Do you know what he did?  He just slowly drove away and totally rubber necked it the whole way down the road.  Talk about freaking someone out!  If I had the strength to pick up that lawn mower, I would have went all Super Man and thrown the friggin' thing at him.  And like a few seconds later, I regretted my actions and was sorry and that made me sad.  Being sad makes me angry and being angry makes me sad.  Bleh.  I guess it's a good thing pregnant women aren't blessed with super strength or any thing.

I finished up the grass and went inside to have a nice relaxing shower that ended up not being so relaxing shower because, for some reason, every one in the world thought it would be a convenient time to call and ask me questions that very well could've been answered with a simple text.  Seriously, answers like "yes" and "not yet" and "idk" were the only ones required.  Grrr.

After my shower, I managed to walk by the girl's disaster area that they call their room and that, was the last straw.  I've been begging and pleading with them for the past forever to pick their stuff up.  Seriously, it's been like a month.  So, being the promise keeper that I am, I went into their room and bagged up everything on the floor and took it to our local thrift store.  Oddly, that made me feel better.

Feeling better made me want lunch.  So, I ventured into the kitchen and made myself a feast of the rest of the lemon cake, jalapeno stuffed olives {the only ones left} and a slim fast.  It was delicious and the heartburn, that's currently radiating my kneecaps because of it, was totally worth it!

Despite my night and morning {which is basically the same everyday}, I can honestly say that I'm enjoying this pregnancy.  My emotions are up and down, just like a roller coaster, which happens to be one of my favorite things ever!  Steven, may have a different opinion, cuz he doesn't really like roller coasters at all!...Maybe he needs a prayer or two.  Oh, and there's a baby at the end of this ride! (:

I guess I'll stop there.  I'm out of things to say.


Woah, Wait!  A real quick, an explanation of Dani's name.

Her name is Dani Kalifornia Ruby Rayne.  Dani Kalifornia because it's awesome {and we love us some RHCP!!!!}. Dani, not Danielle or anything it could be short for.  It's adorable and I love it and it starts with a D.   Kalifornia spelled with a 'K' because all of my kiddo's have a 'K' initial {Kimberly, Kenneth, Kyleigh, and Kalifornia}.  Ruby, after Steven's grandmother and all of my kiddos have a stone in their name {Amber-Jade, Julius {close enough to a jewel}, Diamond, and Ruby}.  Rayne, after Steven.  His middle name is Ray.  He was named for his grandfather, whose name was Raymond.  He was obviously a great and wonderful man because his name has been put into practically all of the grand children {S. Ray, Rachel, L. Rae} and is now being incorporated into the great grand children {Diamond has Rae in her name, Railey, and Rayne}.  It's fun and unique.  Poor Dani's name took forever to figure out because nothing sounded or looked right.  We debated Lee Ondreya, Meadow, Ava, Birdie, Shea, Kathleen, and Johannah, but they just didn't make the cut.

That's it!  Happy Tuesday, Everyone! (:

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