Friday, April 19, 2013


Oh, Hello!

It's been five or so months since I updated this little blog and a lot has changed!  And by a lot, I mean a whole lot.  I'm not going to give all of  the details, because that might just take forever, but I'll give you the skinny.

I guess the biggest change to our lives is our very much prayed for blessing, Dani, whom is due in mid July!  That's right, were expecting number four, a baby girl,  in 12ish weeks!  What on earth will I change the name of this blog to???

We have also celebrated a couple of holidays.

...And birthdays

Diamond turned five!!!


And Dominick turned nine!!!  It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating Devan's ninth birthday!

One more thing and y'all will be all caught up!  Were moving!  Yep, as of June first-ish we will be official residents of Little Rock.  I've briefly mentioned the mission trips that we have taken to Little Rock with the youth group, in the past.  And well, one thing led to another and after lots of prayer we have decided, that what they have going on there is something that we want to be part of full time and not just every three months or so. Steven is trading in his suits, ties, and cuff links for jeans, t-shirts, and tennis shoes.  He will be trading in his title of "youth minister" and "pulpit minister" to "full time student" and "urban minister in training".  This will be a big change and require a lot of adjustments for our whole family {emotionally and financially} and I have been a little {or a lot} apprehensive about this whole ordeal.  But after a lot of on-my-knees-bawling-my-eyes-out-panic-attack-desperately-trying-to-make-sense-of-what-on-earth-we-are-doing-Jehovah-please-help-me-praying, I've decided to let Jehovah take over and drive and oddly, I feel pretty good about our decision! :0)

So, that's everything {in a nut shell}!  If you guys could keep us in your prayers as we start a new chapter {well, book, really} in our lives, it would be greatly appreciated!

Happy Friday!!!!


  1. Beautiful post and pictures Kimberly! We just can't stand to see y'all go...we have grown to love your sweet family so much!!! But we know you will be a blessing to Little Rock like you have been to us!! You guys so graciously welcomed our family when we moved here and we appreciate all the kindness you've shown us! You have such sweet, friendly kids and they really helped ours adjust. We will be praying for you during your move and the arrival of baby Dani!! Can't wait to meet her! So happy for your family!

  2. Good luck with the cha cha changes in your life.
    An Arkies Musings