Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I drove all night to get to you

Seeing her for the first time in over a year was well worth the 16 hours I  drove to get to her.

My Mama.  Yep, She's mine. Wherever she is, that's home!

The older I get, the more I appreciate her.  I love how I dig through cabinets looking for something, not to find what I'm looking for, but to find something far better.  Memories.  Memories that take me waaay back and make me oh so happy!

There's something about being home that just refreshes the soul.  Makes life a bit more cheery and up beat.  Just knowing that she's there gives me more security than I can find words for.


And the babies just love her (:  Little d thinks that bright red chicken coop is a barn!  She would like to know where the horses and cows are!  Ahem, Mother?!

Our visit with Mother was short but we crammed a whole lot of quality into it.  We hung out in the front yard and watched the little's play in shallow pools.

We waded in the chilly river and the D's  rafted on bright green caterpillars that happily obliged.

We watched a beautiful drama about and portrayed by the Cherokee Indian Nation.  After watching the drama, I wasn't exactly "Proud to be an American".  I was more along the lines of friggin ashamed!...Not ashamed of myself, but of the actions of the early American settlers.

Mother let us walk around town and act like tourists. We fed the bears and went to the little zoo.  She paid for us to have pictures made with the natives that she knew personally.  I was surprised though, unlike one little girl, little d did not ask to "pet or feed the wild Indian"!

Quality, like I said.  I think that's most important.  We had a such a wonderful time in the Great Smoky Mountains!  We made memories that we will cherish for a life time!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!!!

 (I love you, Mother.  I appreciate you.  I know that this imperfect world made it impossible for you to be a perfect Mama.  I know that you couldn't physically be with us everyday, but I also know that you loved us and were with us in thought and prayer.  I know that your love was and is unconditional.  I know.)


  1. beautiful post about your mother. Beautiful pics. too.