Friday, August 26, 2011

A different point of view

Hey Guys!  It's little d!  Mommy has been absent from her blog for quite a while now, so I thought I'd give you guys a little update on me and Big D and Middle D.

It seems like it's been a really long time since we got home from vacation in Georgia, Florida, and LaLa's house.  I still talk about my "gwamp pawents" a lot!  But mostly I talk about Uncle Joey.  I was just talking to Mommy in the car about him today.  I saw a man wearing big ear rings and I told her "Mommy, Uncle Joey is a man.  He doesn't wear ear rings!"  I apparently think about him a lot because Mommy will giggle at me and say things like "Well, that's certianly out of the blue."  I like to bring him up at random times and Mommy often says that "I herited Uncle Joey's brain."  I think she's crazy, but to keep from hurting her feelings, I give her a crazy smile!

Mommy has been acting a little strange today.  She has cried alot and keeps talking about this "Grandma Birdie" lady.  She says it's her Birthday.  I have to keep reminding her that Grandma's name isn't Birdie, it's Maweyanne Mowiss.  She keeps forgetting though.  I also wonder why we didn't have a party for this "Grandma Birdie" lady.  When I asked Mommy why we didn't, she just patted me on the head (like always) and said I was silly!  Sometimes, I don't think she knows what she's talking about.

I went to a "lou-ouch" lasterday (Sunday)!  It was really fun!  My favorite part was swimming!  Plus, I got to fix my own plate!  Mommy didn't seem to care!  I made myself four different kinds of potato chips and put cheese and catsup on top!  Boy was it YUMMY!...Just kidding!  I would never eat that!  I ate cupcakes and jelly beans and twizzlers for supper!  As I always say, "Yummy for my tummy!"

I'm excited about soccer coming up!  I ask Mommy atleast 6,000 times a day, "Do we have soccer pwapiss today?"  and she sometimes she giggles and says not today and sometimes she makes her eyes spin up and tells me to "Stop asking. I already said, not today."

Mommy said that Mrs. Gretchen had a baby in her belly.  She said "God put it there".  I'm pretty freaked about that.  I don't understand that.  I ask Mommy about a billion questions about that, too.

Big D and Middle D get to go to school everyday.  I kind of love that idea.  I get to play with their toys with out them coming in and taking them away from me.  Big D gets pretty cranky when I rub her deodorant all over our bedroom.  Personally though, I think she's just jealous because I thought of it first!   I really miss md when he's at school all day.  You see, when he's home, Mommy pays us pop cicles to stay outside and have lots of fun.  I'm kind of running low on my pop cicles cuz I'm not allowed to go outside to play by myself and Mommy only lets me stay out for a few minutes.  And she's not very much fun to play with!  Md and I love to drive around in my car standing up and listening to loud music!  That is "gooood stuff"!

Mommy spent alot of time at the church building today.  I got to cut paper with my new scissors and glue it on to construction paper with my new glue!  I also practiced my sight words.  Mommy gets real excited when I read.  I read seven words on Wednesday!  Mommy told everyone!  I was embarrassed! It's Friday and I still remember my seven words.  Today, I read a bunch more and this time I did it in front of a lot of people!  They all clapped and cheered and told me things I already knew like "Oh, little d, you are so smart!" and "Look at you!"  By the way, when people tell me to do that, I always do.  I don't get it though, I always look the same?!  Mommy says I will be reading Junie B. Jones by the time I go to preschool!  I think she's more excited than me!

Mommy found me some animals to play with while we were at the church building today.  I played "Lion King".  I thought the movie was kind of unrealistic so I made up my own version.  I set all of the animals up and Scar and his hyenas ate all of them, including Simba and Nala!  It was awesome!  Mommy told Daddy about my idea for the movie.  She also spelled out "D-E-R-R-A-N-G-E-D  P-S-Y-C-O-P-A-T-H.  I don't know what that spells yet, but I'm pretty sure it spells "Diamond is very realistic".  It starts with "D" right?!

We went to a football game lasterday (Thursday).  We cheered for the Bear Cats for four hours!  I was kind of bored after the first two games.  I requested that we leave but Daddy said "No!"  He also said "Don't argue with me!"  I don't understand why he always tells me that.  If he would just listen and see things my way, he would know, without a doubt, that I'm right about everything!

I tried to pick out my own clothes tonight.  Mommy is forcing me to wear black tomorrow.  She says were going to a funeral.  She looks sad when she tells me that.  She told me I  have to speak up and look everyone in the eyes when I'm talking to them.  She also says that I have to put on "My best da-habior" which I'm pretty sure is my panties.  Those are the only things that I have to put on everyday!  She's a such a strange woman sometimes.

That's it guys!  10-4 over and out!

                                                     --little d

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