Thursday, June 16, 2011

A Wednesday

7:00 a.m.:  Wake up long enough to hit the snooze button.

7:10 a.m.: Hit that thing again.

7:30 a.m.:  Steven tries to wake me up and fails miserably.

7:55 a.m.:  Steven takes all of the covers away from me.

8:15 a.m.:  I'm wake up because I'm cold and frustrated at Steven for being so loud and stealing my covers.

8:18 a.m.: Realize that I've waaay overslept.  I jump in the shower.

8:30 a.m.:  Realize that the kiddos need a bath.  Wake them up and slosh them around in the tub to try and make them look cleanish.  (We didn't get home from the summer youth series until midnight)

9:00 a.m.:  Walk out the door with my hair fixed, a husband, and three decent looking cleanish kids.  I'm feeling pretty good about this, cuz my goal was to leave at 9:00.

9:03 a.m.:  Have everyone in the car and settled...Steven then tells me that he doesn't have the key. *sigh*

9:09 a.m:  Pull out of the drive way while explaining to the D's why they didn't get to eat breakfast.  It went something like this:

"Mommy can't get up on time to make sure that you eat atleast two hours before we have to leave.  Two of you easily get car sick and I don't have time to be cleaning up nasty vomity pop-tarts this morning.  So, sorry.  Here's a bottle of water.  Enjoy!"

9:22 a.m.:  Drop Steven off at the office and head to Hot Springs.

10:00 a.m.:  Little d "explodes" all over the back seat.  I stop and clean that up.

10:07 ish:  Back on the road.

10:22 a.m.:  ( I know cuz I looked at the clock)  Little d informs me that she is going to "shrow up".  I pull over and she tells me she's kidding.  She starts to sing Jesus loves me and as I'm buckling back up, she explodes again.  This time, it's worse.  I take her and her car seat out of the car.  I clean her car seat and then strip her naked.  She puked on everything, shoes included.  I clean her up, but this time she only gets clean panties, cuz I only have one change of clothes left for her.  I buckle her seat and her nakedish self back in and continue on my journey to the dentist.

10:57 a.m.:  We arrive at the dentist.  I get out and get little d out.  Middle d starts a friendly conversation with some state troopers that are hanging out in the parking lot.  Great.  How do I explain getting a naked child out of her carseat and dressing her in the parking lot to some state troopers.  Oh well, I get her out anyway and start dressing her.  The troopers looked pretty uncomfortable and leave.  Thank you.

11:00 a.m.:  We walk into the dentist.  I look at the clock and mentally hive five myself.  I get them all signed in and we sit down.  Little d announces to the other waiting parents and children "Mommy don't feed us breakfast anymore. She don't like to clean up pop tarts"  Thanks ld, now I feel like I need to explain myself to these strangers.

11:20 ish:  Little d asks me to "kick md in the face!" (a term I use joking around).  I tell her no.  That's a bad idea.  and then she proceeds to tell me that I say that "all da time" and insists that I "kick him in he's face" cuz he's "having bad da-havior".  Now the parents are all staring.  Thankfully, the nurse called md back and ld was distracted and forgot all about face kicking.  Parents were still staring tho.

11:25ish:  Big D comes out spitting in a cup making all kinds of awful noise.  She had sealants done and apparently doesn't like the taste it left in her mouth.  Little d insists on spitting, too.  *sigh*

11:55ish:  Md walks out with a completely numb face and a mouth full of bloody gauze.  He had to have four sealants, three fillings and four extractions.  (cavity prevention, cavity fixing, and extremely crooked teeth/cavity preventing).  I can immediately tell he's a doozy.

12:00 p.m. we all pile into the car.  Md tries talking to me and it sounds something like this "Mma ooh da ti de ga mm hoh dei goa..."  He looks happy so I tell him to save what he has to say for when he can speak english a little better.

12:02 p.m.:  The other d's start asking where were gonna eat lunch.  We go through many, many options. We decide to wait an hour so md can actually move his mouth and taste his lunch.  Were nice like that.

12:15 p.m.:  Were in hot springs. We should make the most of our time, so we go to Old Navy and buy flip flops.  While were shopping, I look at md and he has blood running down the sides of his mouth.  My first thought was "Awesome!  A vampire!" second thought was "Krap!"  I leave the two d's in the store with strict orders to "stay right here!  Hold on to the cart.  I'll be right back."  So, I walk quickly with md to the car, have him spit out the bloody gauze into a cup.  I looked in his mouth and it looked fine so I cleaned the blood off his face, gave him new gauze and we quickly went back to the slightly abandoned girly d's.  I decide it's time to go, so we check out and leave.

12:40ish:  Hobby Lobby.  Pretty much the same "Old Navy story".  This time I remember to bring extra gauze.  I ask md how he feels, he shakes his head and mumbles something like "Ah hea hine".  I take it as "I feel fine"...we shop for a bit.

1:10 p.m.:  Burger King.  I order two number seven's.  I think to myself  "Here's a chance to be awesome."  So I order slushies for our drinks instead of regular ole' soda.

1:20ish:  I'm nauseated.  Watching a kid whose just lost four teeth try to eat chicken fries dipped in honey mustard with a semi numbed mouth is disgusting!  Blood and honey mustard running down anyone's face is gross.  nuff said.

1:22ish :  I realize that md shouldn't be drinking from a straw.  He could get "dry socket" or what ever it is called.  I tell him he can't have anymore slushie and he cries.

It looked so gross!!!  Seriously.  That sounds really bad for me to say, but it's my blog and I can say it if I want to.

1:40ish:  Md is now calmed down and is drinking an icee without a straw.  We go to Sams to pick up a few toiletries.  Everything is all good for like a second.  Half way thru the parking lot, ld decides she would like to change her flip flops.  She sits down in the middle of the parking lot and takes them off.  I tell her she can't do that and she starts sobbing.  *note the time*  I take her back to the car and we trade flip flops.  She's satisfied.  I'm satisfied.  It's all good!

1:50ish:  As soon as we walk through the double doors at Sams, ld insists on having the cart that holds like 50 kids.  I tell her no and she looses it again.  By this time my patience is thin.  I literally feel like "kicking her in the face" (not really, but in cases such as this, I would normally joke and say something like that) and I sit her in my cart that only holds two kids and off we go.

2:00 p.m.:  ld stops crying.

2:20ish:  We check out.  I take everyone to use the restroom.  ld insists on sitting on the "little potty" so I let her.  Her pee shoots straight out and she pees all over her panites, skirt, and new flipflops. *great*.  I clean that up the best I can and we leave.

2:30 p.m. (looked at the clock in the car):  I take ld's skirt and panties off, wipe her down as best as I can with a wipe and put clean panties on her.  She didn't have another change of clothes left.  So I stick her in her semi moist from being partially puked on car seat.  She insists on wearing her flip flops that she didn't pee on.  I just let her.  Whatever.

2:40 p.m.:  We're on our way home.  Middle d and little d drift off to sleep and Big D and I have some quiet time to talk about "growing up" things. 

4:45ish:  We pull into the church parking lot.  I call Steven to tell him that "I'm here and ready to go".  He walks out with his sister and one of our youth groupers.  He says he isn't ready to go but sis needs a ride to work.  He asks me to drop her off and come back around 5:45.  He sees the stress in my face and suggests that we eat at my favorite restaurant for dinner.  That makes me feel better.

4:50ish:  Sister informs me that the air is indeed broken at my favorite restaurant and it wouldn't be a good idea to eat there tonight. *sad*

5:15ish:  We arrive safely at home.  Middle d complains that his mouth hurts so I give him some Motrin.

5:40ish:  Little d gets a real bath and we leave to pick up Steven.

5:45 p.m.:  Md is a sobbing mess.  I ask him what's wrong and he replies "ld is littering in the car!"...and he goes on saying things "He doesn't like sisters" and "You could go to jail for littering in the car"...apparently the stress of extractions and the Motrin were getting the best of him.  I pull over and console him by picking up the "litter" and give him new gauze and some extra hugs and kisses...

6:10 p.m.:  We arrive at my second favorite place to eat.  The server tells us to seat ourselves so I walk over to my favorite place in my second favorite restaurant, the round table.  Immediate disappointment:  The round table is gone!  *gasp!*  I feel like crying.  Yeah, I know, petty.  I somehow manage to hold it together and order food for everyone.  Middle d can feel his mouth, so dinner isn't anywhere near as disgusting as lunch was.

6:50 p.m.:  We arrive at the church building.  The kids teacher wasn't able to make it, so I volunteered to sub.  Our lesson was on Joshua, chapters 22-23.  It was hard to make that interesting for the kiddos, so I did a quick summary of what happened and took the kiddos outside to play.

8:10ish:  We have a little rundown on how were going to decorate for VBS.

9:10ish:  We're finally home.  YAY!

I tuned out the rest of the night.  I think Steven took over.  I woke at 9:30 something this morning.  No one else woke up till after 10:00 was nice.....sooo nice.

There you go.  A day in my life as a 3D mommy!  I hope you enjoyed!

Happy Thursday, Everyone!

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